Meghan Markle’s New Updo Takes a Page From Kate Middleton’s Beauty Book

Christian Allaire

Ever since becoming the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle has reinvented the royal updo, opting for artfully messy hairstyles, a loosely tied-up bun with a few stray pieces at front, over those more polished and classic. And while she rarely lets her hair down—though when she does, it’s often curled to beach-like effect, or topped with a fascinator—she does allow room to experiment with her swept-back mentality. Allow her latest look to prove just that.

Today, the Duchess paid a visit to the Smart Works organization in London, which helps unemployed women regain skills to get back into the workforce. It’s one of the four patronages that Markle will continue to foster as the Duchess. For the appearance, she debuted a decidedly more put together updo, finger-raking her brunette hair back into a sleek, controlled chignon. At the back, her low bun was neatly twisted and pinned perfectly into place. And while her makeup stayed in line with the signatures, black liner and the palest of pink at lip level, her hairstyle of choice brought the look into unchartered territory. Is she, perhaps, pulling a page from Kate Middleton’s beauty book? Either way, it’s working.


Photo: Getty Images,h_165,c_limit/Banner-Beauty.jpg

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