Meghan McCain blames everyone else for her exit from ‘The View’ – ‘The environment of the show is toxic’

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Meghan McCain says she felt unloved and disrespected at “The View,” all while she was suffering from postpartum anxiety after the birth of daughter Liberty.

The 36-year-old Republican, who announced her departure from the ABC roundtable in July and signed off a month later, details her exit in her new memoir “Bad Republican,” leveling allegations of bullying and mistreatment.

“There’s stuff that happens on ‘The View’ that shouldn’t be allowed,” she wrote in an excerpt published Tuesday by Variety.

“For whatever reason, there’s a deep level of misogyny about the way ‘The View’ is covered and written about in the media, where tabloids are always writing about the co-hosts hating each other backstage. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy because the atmosphere of ‘The View’ breeds drama: producers can’t control hosts, manage conflict or control leaking. My take on the show is that working at “The View” brings out the worst in people. I believe that all the women and the staff are working under conditions where the culture is so f—ed up, it feels like quicksand.”

McCain’s complaints to HR, she wrote, fell “on deaf ears,” even as she takes credit for driving up the show’s ratings.

“The truth is that the environment of the show is toxic,” she wrote. “Here I was, thinking that I had been through so much with these women. Together, we had helped bring the show back from the dead.”

Then, Whoopi Goldberg turned on her.

“I found her open disdain for me more and more difficult to manage as the years went on and it became more frequent,” she wrote. “Occasionally, if the show’s political discourse veered into territory that she found disagreeable, Whoopi would cut me off, sometimes harshly.”

After co-host Joy Behar told her that she hadn’t missed her during her maternity leave, McCain says she never spoke to her again.

Eventually, McCain wrote, it all became too much, especially while fighting postpartum anxiety.

“As I was dealing with my own emotions, I couldn’t also navigate the idea that I was hated and felt hated at a toxic work environment,” she wrote.

“There are some things about the show that feel stuck in 1997 when ‘The View’ first went on air. In this era of dismantling toxic work environments and refusing to accept the poor treatment of employees, how is ‘The View’ still immune?”


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