Meghan McCain calls out hypocrisy of protests, Trump rallies during coronavirus pandemic

On Tuesday’s episode of The View, Meghan McCain called out what she sees to be a double standard when it comes to two current hot button issues.

President Trump has been criticized for holding an upcoming rally in the midst of a pandemic, but McCain feels that those participating in nationwide protests aren’t subject to the same criticism.

“Is covid a pandemic that we all have to stay sheltering in place and inside or is it not?” she asked. “Or is it only a pandemic if you are a conservative and you’re a Trump supporter and then you have to stay inside, and you’re a hypocrite if you sign this waiver and you go into his rally.”

That waiver would be the one that the Trump administration is making rally-goers sign before attending, waiving their right to sue if they contract the coronavirus.

As the debate between the co-hosts grew even more testy, Joy Behar sparred with McCain over Trump’s role in the handling of the pandemic.

“If he hadn’t been so incompetent, we all probably would be out of this by now,” Behar said. McCain replied, saying, “This is an American problem, this is a problem that is bipartisan, this is not just a Trump administration problem.”

And lest you think McCain was sticking up for Trump, she made it clear she was only bringing to light the unbalanced coverage, in her eyes. “I’m no Trump fan, everybody knows that,” she said.

“But you make me defend him when you say things like ‘he wants people to die’, ‘he doesn’t care about public health.’”