Meghan McCain criticizes Kellyanne Conway for comment to reporter

Counselor to the president, Kellyanne Conway, ignited a firestorm of criticism after asking a reporter about his ethnic background during a recent press conference.

The reporter had asked Conway about a series of recent tweets from President Trump where he told congress members critical of him to “go back” to the countries from which they came.

The View addressed the controversy on Wednesday’s show, and co-host Meghan McCain spoke out against Conway’s question. “I feel like what she's doing is abhorrent, and I don't understand why asking anyone their ethnicity in any situation, let alone in front of the White House,” she said.

McCain took things a step further and placed blame for Conway’s comments on her husband, George Conway. George Conway has been an outspoken critic of President Trump, but McCain expressed that he’s not doing enough.

“My message to George Conway is start at home’” said McCain. “I'm sick of it. He gets on his high horse on Twitter all the time. If I felt like my husband were getting on TV and saying racist comments, and I was outraged, we would be having a conversation,” she added.