Meghan McCain Demands ‘The View’ Hosts Stop Mocking Trump: ‘Put This Crap Aside!’

By Justin Baragona

The View’s Meghan McCain seemingly took issue Thursday with her colleagues using humor to address the unending crises in the Trump administration, calling for more bipartisanship and insisting that they all need to “put this crap aside.”

Touching on the president’s announcement that he won’t work with Democrats on legislation as long as they continue to investigate him, co-host Sunny Hostin got things started Thursday by saying it is “an impeachable offense” that Trump is claiming he won’t meet his constitutional duties as president unless Congress forgoes theirs.

Liberal colleague Joy Behar followed that up by noting Trump said he doesn’t “do cover-ups” after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi accused him of engaging in one.

“I wish my stand-up act was as funny as that line,” the veteran comedian snarked, drawing laughs from the crowd. “Let me count the ways. His high-school grades, his taxes, his financial records, his conversations with Putin… his hush money payments. They’re all cover UPS. Think about Stormy Daniels.”

McCain, meanwhile, lamented that it’s “really sad” that the “days of Ronald Reagan and Tip O’Neill are long gone,” nostalgically referencing a mythical time when the former president and House speaker oversaw an era of harmonious bipartisanship.

Saying she doesn’t understand why Pelosi talked about Trump engaging in a cover-up, she complained that this is “party posturing on both sides” before essentially endorsing a presidential candidate.

“Joe Biden’s message of working with the other side is looking really good to me,” McCain declared to applause. “I think America can do so much better than this.”

The former Fox News personality went on to say she understands “the inclination to find humor in it” while staring at Behar—her frequent sparring partner—before claiming she feels “depressed” about it because of the poor level of infrastructure in our country.

“We’re talking about people’s lives at stake,” McCain remarked. “So maybe a little less humor and a little more work by everyone would be nice.”

“Where’s the humor?” Behar shot back. “They’re not funny.”

McCain replied that “there’s this level of humor involved” in calling Trump an “idiot,” prompting Behar to exclaim that the president’s “ridiculous.”

“He is,” McCain agreed, adding that she “can’t find the humor in it.”

Moments later, Behar said that she didn’t “appreciate this false equivalency” and wanted to remind the panel that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell “famously said” that his main objective when Barack Obama was elected was to obstruct the president.

“This business of Nancy Pelosi is just as bad as he is is a bunch of baloney in my opinion,” she added, causing McCain to assert that “everyone is at fault.”

“Not everyone’s at fault—look at the original mover here, Mitch McConnell,” Behar responded, to raucous applause.

“As long as you demonize all Republicans—but even the spirit of what you said makes me not want to have a conversation with you,” McCain fired back, leading Behar to shout that Republicans “are all behind [Trump].”

“We have to put this crap aside!” McCain continued. “All of us, here at The View as well, and politicians in D.C., at a certain point we have to work together for America.”

The daughter of a Republican senator and wife of a right-wing pundit/conservative publisher added that she’s “sick of party politics and what happened in the past” while insisting “there’s blame all around.”

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