Meghan McCain talks Iran conflict: 'America's the bear … Don't poke us'

Todd Garrin

Meghan McCain told the panel of The View on Wednesday that people have it all wrong when they use the phrase “don’t poke the bear” to refer to Iran.

“I think it’s easy to forget: America’s the bear. We’re the bear. Don’t poke us either,” said McCain.

The outspoken co-host also said she’s not shedding any tears for Iranian general Qasem Soleimani, who was killed in a targeted attack ordered by President Trump. “I’m still not sad this guy is out,” she said.

Fellow panelist Sunny Hostin took a different view of the escalating tensions, saying, “For the very first time I fear for my children in terms of war.” She added, “The thought of my son perhaps being drafted terrifies me.”

McCain made it clear that she’s under no illusion about the reality of a possible conflict.

“I know the cost of war,” she said. “I have friends who have lost limbs. I have friends who have committed suicide when they came back after war. I know the cost of it, I’m aware.”

She also urged people to hold off on forming an opinion until they see how President Trump responds to Iran’s use of missiles against U.S. targets in Iraq in response to Soleimani’s killing.

“We should all take a pause, take a beat, and see what President Trump does because right now, as far as I’m concerned, it could have been a hell of a lot worse last night than what Iran did,” McCain said.

Viewers took to Twitter and were split, with some saying they agreed with McCain’s take on the situation:

But others wrote that McCain’s got it all wrong:

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