Meghan McCain: ‘I’m strictly dickly’

MSNBC contributor Meghan McCain played 20 questions with Playboy and answered questions about politics, her body and her love of sex.

McCain, who has received intense media scrutiny because she brings it upon herself, is sure to get even more with this interview.

The interviewer asked McCain to imagine herself as first daughter if her father, Sen. John McCain, had won the presidential election in 2008. She offered some insight: “You would have the craziest first daughter ever, who’d be making ridiculous headlines and hurting the administration every step of the way.”

McCain also self-generated a rumor that she is a lesbian — when nobody suggested that she is — by saying:

I’m not a lesbian, if that’s what you’re asking. I’d be the first person to tell the world I was gay. I’m not private about anything. I think you should live how you should live. But I’m strictly dickly. I can’t help it. I love sex and I love men.

This quote may explain why she brought up lesbianism: “Honey, you’re nobody unless you have a gay rumor about you.” Well, now she may just be somebody.

The bombastic blond made herself sound even smarter by quoting another famous towhead: “showing a little cleavage can make a girl feel sexy too. Like Jessica Simpson says, if you got it, you should flaunt it once in a while.”

Once you start quoting Jessica Simpson, maybe you should rethink a few things.

We can at least get behind one thing McCain said: “It’s America, man. There’s nothing wrong with going out and listening to music and having a little Jack and Coke.”

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