Meghan McCain's terse message to 'abominable' anti-vaxxers surprises the internet: 'So we DO have something in common!'

Suzy Byrne
Editor, Yahoo Entertainment

As measles outbreaks cause worry in the U.S. and around the globe, Meghan McCain took a break from her The View hiatus to deliver a terse message to “abominable” anti-vaxxers.

McCain didn’t mince words — perhaps as a result of the Saturday Night Live sketch last week in which the “Princess of Arizona,” spoofed by Aidy Bryant, called vaccinations a “personal liberty issue.” In the bit, “Meghan” also seemingly agreed with Jenny McCarthy’s controversial stance on vaccinations. (McCarthy was played by Emma Stone.)

There is no ambiguity in McCain’s “Dear anti-vaxers...” post, leading many to react on social media. First, there was the group surprised to agree with her message after typically disagreeing with her conservative stances on the show.

Her friend McCarthy was mentioned in several of the comments.

McCain was criticized by some who have had bad experiences with vaccinations or whose children have autism, despite the CDC report stating there is no scientific link between the two.

She was also told that because not a parent herself, she’s not allowed to have an opinion on the topic.

And others just wanted to criticize her for her views on other topics (abortion, the Mueller report and her father).

For the record, McCain said she found the SNL sketch “hilarious.”

The View is on vacation this week, but the ladies will be back on Monday — probably discussing this very hot topic.

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