Meghan McCain says media treats female candidates differently

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is out of the 2020 presidential race, and she’s found a defender in an unlikely person: Meghan McCain.

The View co-host says she thinks female political candidates are treated differently than their male counterparts by the media.

“The way they’re covered by the media — it’s the way they look, they’re ‘too likable,’ they’re ‘not likable enough,’ they’re ‘too shrill,’ ‘she’s not smart enough,’ ‘she’s not warm enough,’ and it’s every woman that runs,” said McCain.

“When are we going to start treating them like men?” she asked.

McCain continued, “This is something that’s been going on our entire lifetimes. I saw it front and center with Sarah Palin.”

She added, “They’re just treated differently.”

The conservative co-host said she would like to see a female president in the White House sooner rather than later.

“I would like a woman to be president in my lifetime,” said McCain

“Maybe you should run then,” countered fellow panelist Joy Behar.

“Would you vote for me, Joy?” asked McCain.

Behar declined to answer the question.