Meghan McCain slams millennials 'partying' amidst coronavirus outbreak

As officials urge Americans to do their part to help slow the spread of the coronavirus by self-isolating and practicing social distancing, Meghan McCain slammed those who are ignoring the requests—especially millennials.

McCain cited “mixed messaging coming out of the White House” as the root of confusion and distrust, which has led to a wide range of reactions from Americans.

“I’ve only seen panicking to the Nth degree—hoarding toilet paper, screaming at each other or complete delusion,” she said.

She continued, “A bunch of millennials going out partying and at bars? I was furious about this over the weekend.”

The conservative co-host chastised those not taking the calls for self-isolation seriously, saying, “If you don’t care about your own health, care about your parents’ health. Care about your grandparents’ health. Care about people over 60, because what you’re doing is compromising everyone, and there seems to be no in between.”