Mela clean silver pillowcase review: Get clearer, cleaner skin and help minimise acne

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We used this pillowcase every night for just under a month (iStock/The Independent)
We used this pillowcase every night for just under a month (iStock/The Independent)

We were going to start by saying that this one goes out to anyone who has to put up with acne – anyone who has bought potion and lotion, tried elimination diets and drugs in a bid to banish the blemish. But actually, this review really goes out to everyone, even if you’ve got a face as unblemished as a freshly peeled Babybel.

Pillowcases are hardly the most glamorous item in anyone’s home, let alone beauty regimen – but they should be. After all, they’re what we put our faces for hours and hours, night after night. And they are also what we, according to research, don’t change nearly often enough. They harbour so much bacteria – easily as much as you’d find on any given toilet seat – and it builds up with every sleep. This can’t be good for our skin health.

If this is making you feel queasy and ashamed, you’re not alone. The first thing we did after discovering all this was change our pillowcases. But there is the chance to go one step further thanks to premium sleep brand Mela who have launched a “self-cleaning” pillowcase as well as other bedding and towels.

The silver collection pillowcase is powered by Ionic+ technology found in actual real silver – which promises to fight the bacteria that normally flourishes with unbridled abandon in our beds, causing not only nasty odours but also skin breakouts. Sounds too good to be true, right? But is it? We decided to find out…

How we tested

We used this pillowcase every night for just under a month (yes we washed it – more on that later). It was one pillowcase, one spot-prone face. Obviously, there are variables outside of a pillowcase that affects one’s skin – hormones, diet, alcohol intake, exercise, inconsistent use of skincare products and so on. But to the best of our ability, we spent the month trying to live as consistently as possible so as to give this a fair shot.

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Mela clean silver pillowcase: £70,


Mela silver collection pillowcases are made from seven per cent CLNSilver and 93 per cent supima cotton. Silver is a natural antibacterial and has been used since 1300BC. Apparently, positively charged silver ions are attracted to negatively charged bacteria so stops the bacteria’s growth in its tracks before destroying it. Just by being there, the silver makes it difficult for bacteria to exist. This is said to lead to cleaner, clearer skin and a huge reduction in acne breakouts.

The pillowcases look good too, and are available in white, grey and ink blue – there’s a shade for every bedroom and in just a simple, matt cotton that is soft to the touch. They are comfortable to sleep on but no better than any regular pure cotton case. It’s not, on the face of it – no pun intended – a unique or unusual experience. But it is soft and comfortable.

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“What about upkeep though? Do I need to take extra care when washing?” We hear you ask. While the pillowcase is self-cleaning we don’t know many people who would happily take that to mean you never have to wash it.

We asked Mela for clarity and this is what co-founder Sam Hochland advises. “There are so many variables when it comes to washing, as bacteria isn’t the only thing that builds up on bedding and towels. But with our clean silver collection, our trial users recommend fortnightly washing.

“In comparison, standard pillowcases and towels should be washed every 3 days. Ultimately, this collection helps you reduce washing frequency. It not only cuts down on admin, but we hope it will have a positive environmental impact, too.” And no, you won’t damage it or somehow reduce its potency by over washing.


We think the pictures – as unflattering as they are – speak for themselves. It’s true that acne is caused by all sorts of factors but having a pillowcase that helps keep your skin clean of the things that contribute to spots and pimples has made a huge difference to the complexion. The number of spots we have has reduced, the anger in our skin has lessened – and it’s only been a month. Next stop, towels.

The verdict: Mela clean silver pillowcase

We are pretty impressed with what Mela has created with its range of clean silver pillowcases. Not only has it woken us up to how quickly our pillowcases get dirty – and made us really consider that this could be at the heart of our persistently unclear skin – but by using the pillowcase for the best part of a month we can see a huge change in how our skin looks and feels.

While £70 for a pillowcase might seem steep, when you reframe it as something as a cure for acne, it seems a small price to pay.

Mela clean silver pillowcase

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