Melania Was Caught Literally Ripping Her Hand Away From Trump After the Debate

Mehera Bonner
·3 min read
  • Melania Trump was seen seemingly ripping her hand away from President Donald Trump's after the debate.

  • This is...hardly the first time.

Melania Trump has a long history of not, uh, being super enthusiastic about holding her husband's hand, and she was back at it during Thursday night's presidential debate.

Photo credit: Getty Images
Photo credit: Getty Images

After Trump and Biden spoke for what seemed like years of my life, Trump briefly stood on stage holding Melania's hand before they walked off together. Naturally, the moment was captured on camera, meaning everyone saw Melania literally rip her hand away from her husband's as soon as they started walking. Like...just watch the footage, which, yes, is 100 percent trending on Twitter.

Awkward. But as awkward as these? Unclear:

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