Memorial Day Weekend Weather: Rainy, Raw Weekend

Lauren Casey reports.

Video Transcript

- Damp, dreary, and full of rain. Looks like fun down the shore right now. It's pretty much summing up our holiday weekend so far. Storm Scan 3 tracking those showers across our area. Lauren, it's not only rainy. It is just cold as well.

- And it's windy as well. I mean, we cannot catch a break. This is the exact opposite of what we want for our long holiday weekend. But this is what we got. We needed the rain. We're getting it. Got the chilly temperatures as well. Our high, 53 in Philadelphia. 78 is our normal high temperature. And now this number is our coldest May 29 ever on record, beating the previous record from the 1800s. Getting a live look right now at a very dreary Center City. Clouds in place. 52 degrees. We're getting a little break from the rain. But winds still out of the Northeast at around 17 miles per hour with gusts up around 25. And the clouds locked in all across the Delaware and Lehigh Valley, down the shore, in the Poconos. And those temperatures are, of course, downright chilly.

We're going to keep this northeasterly wind flow through the night tonight and through the first half of the day tomorrow as an area of low pressure makes a pass offshore as we head into the day tomorrow. But we'll move away just in time for Monday on Memorial Day. Storm Scan 3 showing us some rain starting to return, especially across portions of Northern Delaware into South Jersey. Light in intensity, but that arm of rain building back in once again. Rain has been the story really all throughout the day down the shore with some heavier pockets along the coastline. And then our area of low pressure is actually centered right here off the coast of Virginia right now. Some heavier activity closer to the center of that low. And we will see some pockets of heavier rain as we head throughout the overnight periods. So showers picking back up, breezy and cold, funneling back to 47 degrees Sunday.

Tomorrow's looking a lot like today, unfortunately. Periods of rain. Some heavy at times. Cold and windy, with our high temperature at only 55 degrees. So future weather showing us as we head into the overnight period that green filling back in, especially along I-95, South Jersey, down the shore. As we head into tomorrow, most of us, again, dealing with rain. The heaviest rain is, again, going to be south and east of the city. As we push throughout our Sunday, more rain. A lot of our movie watching, board game playing for our Sunday. But then as we head into Sunday evening, starting to get a little break as our weather system makes an exit off to the North and East.

Then Monday morning, looking good. Sunshine in store to kick off the holiday itself. And a nice, pleasant Monday is in store. It is not going to be toasty for the unofficial start to summer. But temperatures will feel very nice, climbing into the 70s as we head into the afternoon. But tomorrow, we're getting more of the same. Rain throughout your day. Temperatures that really struggle, only making it up in the low to mid 50s. Same case down the shore. Rain and wind, very chilly. But check out Monday. Dry and mild. High temperature up to 70 degrees down the shore. But do watch out for that elevated risk of rip currents over the next several days for our holiday.

So 73 in the city and surrounding suburbs on Monday. Partly cloudy conditions. Maybe even mostly sunny. So that's not too bad. And then as we head into next week, we have a nice Tuesday and Wednesday. Storm chances return, Joe, as we head into next Thursday. So at least we're saving Monday a little bit.

- I saw a Storm Scan. I showed it to some folks on social media, Lauren. They say a rainy day on the shore is still a better one than at home.

- That is true. Good point.

- All right, Lauren. Thank you so much.