Memorial marks one year since Ahmaud Arbery death

Ahmaud Arbery's father led about 100 people in a memorial procession Tuesday evening to the spot where armed white men chased and shot the 25-year-old Black man on a residential street outside the port city of Brunswick, Georgia a year ago. (Feb. 23)

Video Transcript

- Maud can no longer give us that smile. He can no longer give us that laughter. So we are going to carry the light for Maud. We are going to finish the run.

- (SINGING) It's been a long-- a long time coming.

MARCUS ARBERY: My boy been shot three times-- two times in the chest and one time in the arm. And you mean to tell me that ain't hate? This is a racial hate crime. It's hate. I don't care if nobody see it. It's hate. And you don't supposed to hate nobody that bad that you want to blow them apart like that. I don't want to see these people walk the street ever again-- --ever--

- Ever.

MARCUS ARBERY: --'cause my boy isn't going to walk the street no more. So why should my family suffer, and y'all can go home to your family? Why should my family suffer?


RUBY ARBERY: Every day you wake up, you wish you would see him walking through your door. But I know we won't never get that chance again.

- I run--

- I run--

- With Maud!

- --with Maud!

MARCUS ARBERY: We've going to get justice.

- Yes.

MARCUS ARBERY: And that's what it's all about-- getting justice for him. And he ain't going to rest in his grave till he get justice. And I ain't going to rest till we get justice-- me and my family. So we fighting for justice. So justice for Ahmaud.

- Justice for Ahmaud!