Memorial Park land bridge tunnels could open later this year

Two massive cylinders on Memorial Drive will offer a safe place for wildlife to cross over the busy road.

Video Transcript

SAMICA KNIGHT: Well, now that this one here, animals will soon have a safe place to cross along Houston's busy Memorial Drive. A land bridge is currently being built. It works kind of like an overpass, but for animals. This is video from Utah, and shows how animal bridges actually work. The wildlife are able to cross without the fear of being hit on the roadway. ABC 13 reporter Charly Edsitty joins us live at Memorial Park with a closer look at the project being done right here. Charly?

CHARLY EDSITTY: Hey, good morning to you, Samica. Well, if you've been to Memorial Park lately, surely you've noticed all the construction happening. Obviously, you can hear it's happening right now. The crews are up nice and early getting their day started. And so this is all happening on the west side, along Memorial Park Drive. And as you just said, we're got an up-close look at construction, as well as more details of what they are planning to do.

It looks like a bunch of concrete and dirt now, but will soon be an outdoor oasis for all of Houston to enjoy.

- It's connecting two big pieces across Memorial Drive.

CHARLY EDSITTY: The land bridge and prairie restoration project will give new access inside the park like never before, and these giant cement cylinders will soon usher drivers underneath a land bridge.

And I want to give you perspective on how massive these tunnels are. Check them out. 54 feet wide, 27 feet tall. These are as long as a football field, and these are what drivers can expect to go through on Memorial Drive as soon as later on this year. And this entire project out here at Memorial Park expected to be complete by fall of 2022.

Two sides of the park will be connected, offering new bike and walking paths for pedestrians, a stellar view of the city, and a safe crossing area for some of the wildlife that call Memorial Park home.

- We have these spaces that, when you start to stitch them back together, they create more efficient, sustainable, functional zones.

CHARLY EDSITTY: So cool, the details of what they're doing out here. So, as we just mentioned, it's not just people that need to get back and forth, also animals. So coming up at 6:00, we will get into those details. But guys, the crews are working nice and hard out here to make Memorial Park even more beautiful than it is. Charly Edsitty ABC 13, Eyewitness News.