Memorial Regional Holds Special Ceremony To Commemorate Those On The Front Lines

CBS4 Photojournalist Doug Johnson was there.

Video Transcript

- And now, one year into the pandemic, a timeout, of sorts, for frontline workers in the Memorial Healthcare System. A special ceremony was held at Memorial Regional in Hollywood to commemorate those who have, and are still, working tirelessly for their patients.

CBS4 photojournalist Doug Johnson was there.

- We did not choose this challenge, it chose us. And we pray that you will bless our reflections and our words today, just for a minute, to remember the blessing of our life together.

PETER POWERS: This year has challenged us beyond belief. Words cannot describe the sacrifices that we've made to provide care for those in our community. One bright spot of this pandemic is that healthcare workers have demonstrated that they are the true heroes.

While most of the community locks down and is in quarantine, we're here providing care for those in need.

DARLENE MORETTI: I think just taking some time to have this moment was a very therapeutic, helpful day for all of us to just look at where we've been. And not only where we've been, but knowing that it's not over, and how we're going to get the strength to continue to fight moving forward.

- We will light candles to represent and honor our patients, families, and our precious healthcare team. Tracy Meltzer will light the candle representing strength. John de La Vega will light the candle to represent compassion. And Darlene Moretti will light the candle representing hope.

DARLENE MORETTI: Healthcare workers have always had the strength. I think we're just calling upon it continuously now. Sometimes we had tough cases in the past. Now we have tough cases every day.

- Some of you have seen that we have this sand ceremony table here. We understand that we are combined and blended as one body. We might rest and trust and give ourselves once again to this enormous and great challenge for the sake of the love that you give us, that you give us to share, as we are here in your peace. Be with us now and in the days to come. Amen.