Memorial for those lost to COVID

A new wall in London has been painted with hearts to remember those lost to COVID-19 across the UK.

Video Transcript

- Today I have a story to tell of someone who wished themselves well. Each morning as they woke at 7:00, they told themselves, today will be heaven.

- I'm here to remember my long-term partner, Steve, who died from COVID in October. He was wonderful. He was like a people magnet and everyone loved him. There's been a kind of meditative processing of grief. As you're drawing, it feels like coming back to life after being frozen with grief. I hope I can be happy again.

- We're here to remember my dad, Abby's grandfather, who died of COVID.

- He's just one in a million. And I never thought this would happen to someone like my granddad.

- We must never forget all the people who died of COVID. And they should never, ever be forgotten. We must remember them every single year. Having this here, it just brings everything to home. Very, very sad and very, very emotional.

- So I'm here to remember my dad, Ian Armstrong, and my stepmom, Chris Armstrong. To lose two people so quickly, so suddenly, so close together, and so unexpectedly, it's been really quite traumatic. Walking down, when you see it, it goes for miles. It's really beautiful and it's a lovely way to come and remember those that we've lost.

- I'm here to remember my granddad, and we call him Poppa G. He's always been the best granddad anyone could ever have. I loved him so much and I still do. It feels extra happy for me because I love him lots, and I'm happy to be writing for him today here.