CODE RED: No kennel space left at MAS; staff issues urgent plea for fosters, forever homes

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“We URGENTLY need fosters and adopters!” Memphis Animal Services said in a Facebook post. “We do not want to euthanize healthy, adoptable dogs for space, and we know you don’t want us to either.”

Katie Pemberton with MAS says the shelter currently has about 300 pets, 100 over capacity.

“As of yesterday we did not have an empty kennel to put incoming dogs in,” said Pemberton. “And this is a problem because there are dogs out there that need us. There are dogs that are injured that have nowhere else to go. There are dogs that are maybe threats to public safety and they need somewhere to go. And when we have our kennels filled up with dogs that could have great homes that might have owners then that causes a problem because then there’s nowhere for these other dogs that truly need a shelter to go.”

That’s why through the end of August, MAS said that people can name their own price when adopting a pet from the animal shelter. With adoptions, you get a four-legged friend that is spayed or neutered, micro-chipped and vaccinated. Along with permanent homes for these dogs, MAS is also looking for two-week fosters.

“Being in a shelter, it’s extremely stressful for any pet but you add that to the overcrowding and that really ramps up the stress level for dogs and cats,” said Pemberton. “And when dogs and cats are stressed there are a lot of things that happen. Number one: they are more likely to get sick, they’re more likely to have health issues pop-up. Number two, especially with dogs: they are more likely to have behavior issues. That makes adoption very difficult.”

MAS said that if you can open your home up to a dog, even for just a few days, you could save the lives of other dogs because some are having to be euthanized.

“There are absolutely dogs losing their lives for preventable reasons right now, for treatable behavior, sometimes treatable medical because we don’t have the resources to help those dogs and we have so many when we’re so overcrowded and understaffed,” said Pemberton. “You can help save lives. Any kennel that you open up saves a life.”

MAS is open seven days a week from noon to 4 p.m. at 2350 Appling City Cove in Cordova.

To fill out an application to foster a dog, click here.

You can also complete the form at the shelter.

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