Memphis Hustle vs. Long Island Nets - Game Highlights

Watch the Game Highlights from Memphis Hustle vs. Long Island Nets, 03/04/2021

Video Transcript

- Nice look inside. Reggie Perry, a gather dribble and then slams it down.

- His first personal.

- It's a good look inside here by Shannon Scott. Kind of a look-off.

A jump shot could be developed for Gillespie. Nate Sestina rattles down a 3, and so much for that 7-0 start for the Hustle.

Massinburg. You can see Cowart just a brick wall inside. Walled him off, but that's gonna be a Bowden triple.

Long Island scored 19 points in the first quarter. They scored 21 points in the first 7:15 of the second. Cowart, nice touch.

Now they had a court there. They had a basketball court, so he wasn't playing in vineyards. But still kind of an interesting backdrop as he drills a left wing 3.

--is Stockton. And then fills it up off the screen for Okobo. Drills the pick-and-pop triple.

Quickly the other way, Scott. Gets it back and second-sides it home.

Tyrell Terry trying to lean with it and rock with it, and he does.

- Let's go, subs! Let's go, subs!

- Reggie Perry has got to be frustrated right now.

- White low, guys. White low.

- He's--

Scott. Nice pass inside. Perry reverses it. No. Flying in for the flush, yes, Nate Sestina. Sestina off the put-back here. Perry couldn't finish. Sestina could.

Quick response from the Hustle. Sestina on a step-back. His fourth 3 of the game. Well, just a little step back. It was a hard jab.

Yet another win following their loss to Austin on Tuesday 102-88, a game they led by 12 at one point. Shaq Buchanan, oh my. So first Martin gets it done on the defensive end, but Shaq Buchanan with the great dunk.

Johnson puts it in. BJ Johnson.

They'll try to get win number six in their final game on Saturday as they leave BJ Johnson all alone. Reset timeout called by Memphis. And BJ Johnson up to 22. Nice bounce pass by Jeremiah Martin.



And there is your final horn. Your final score, Long Island 111, Memphis 100.