'Men in Black: Global Invasion' gives the 'Pokémon Go' formula an alien twist

Web screenshot: 'Men in Black Global Invasion'

With "Men in Black: International" in theaters from June 14, 2019, a companion video game is also being cued up for launch: it's location-based AR mobile app "Men in Black: Global Invasion."

First there was "Pokémon GO," with its location-based quest to find and collect fictional creatures using mobile devices' global positioning systems and video cameras to guide the action.

Then "Jurassic World Alive" co-opted the idea in promotion of blockbuster movie "Jurassic World," while "Harry Potter Wizards Unite," developed with help from the "Pokémon Go" studio, is on the verge of replicating its ancestor's success and has entered testing in New Zealand.

Now, weapons and motifs from the "Men in Black" franchise are making their way into mobile game "Men in Black: Global Invasion," which, like "Pokémon GO," superimposes players' geographical whereabouts with alien creatures to find, defeat and ultimately recruit and upgrade.

The films' Noisy Cricket and De-Atomizer weapons are in, there'll be turn-based battling against aliens and rogue agents, AR alien-capturing sequences and a map of aliens to track down.

With a release announced for summer, "Men in Black: Global Invasion" is currently in pre-registration on Google Play for Android 5.0 and up or via the game's website for both Android and iOS.