Mental health grants support creation of Miami Valley halfway homes

Millions of federal dollars were approved for Miami Valley counties to create mental health facilities.

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A total of $5 million will be spent on halfway homes for mental health patients in the area.

In Troy, they’re planning to create a facility for patients who are leaving the hospital so they can continue to get care.

“There’s a gap between standard care and hospitalization for the mental health crisis. We’re looking to reduce the number of hospital bed days,” Spokesperson for the Tri-County Board of Recovery and Mental Health Services Brad Reed said.

Reed said the board applied for the funding based on its need.

People in Miami, Darke, and Shelby counties stated that they needed additional help after leaving the hospital.

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“We’re looking at refurbishing an existing facility to provide somewhere between 8-12 beds. That we can use for short-term and medium stays for people with a mental health crisis,” Reed said.

The facility will have counselors on staff to help with stabilization care.

“So they have folks in the state psychiatric hospital who have completed their care under the hospitalize but they can’t discharge them because they don’t have a safe place to go,” Reed said.

Executive Health Director Colleen Chamberlin said it is important that these people have a place to recover.

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“Having linkage to those community services that you’re going to have when you fully return to the community, for them to start in this transitional care is really important,” Chamberlin said.

The board of recovery will have until the end of next June to get their facility up and running, but they plan on having it completed before then.