This Mercedes-Benz Sprinter was turned into a tiny home and kitchen that can sleep 4, and now it's on sale for $106,000 (Brittany Chang)

This Moving House

  • This Moving House, a camper van conversion company based in the UK, converted a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van into a tiny home and kitchen on wheels named "Culinatour."
  • The van includes a fully functional indoor and outdoor kitchen, dining table, hidden storage units, three beds, and an outdoor shower for the ultimate #VanLife.
  • It is now on sale, used, for €96,000, about $106,325.
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This Moving House — a camper van conversion company based out of the UK — converted a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van into a tiny home and kitchen on wheels named "Culinatour."

The conversion was done for Julia Sprossman and her team, which designs custom travel itineraries for tourists visiting Europe. The travel plans generally focus on local cuisine and hidden gems away from hoards of tourists, and travelers can also rent a campervan from Culinatour for their European adventures.

The Sprinter body was first purchased in 2018 and still has its Mercedes-Benz factory warranty until April of next year, according to its reseller. The Culinatour van includes fully-functional indoor and outdoor kitchens, a dining table, hidden storage units, three beds, and an outdoor shower. Sprossman specifically requested the double kitchens.

The van is now being resold at €96,000, about $106,325, with 19,500 kilometers, about 12,116 miles, logged. Keep scrolling to see more of the Culinatour:

The Culinatour is a left-hand drive tiny home on wheels built on a 2018 long wheelbase, super high roof Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.


Tim Hall PhotographyThis Moving House created custom sinks for its vans.


Tim Hall PhotographyThe lightweight polymer sinks are larger, deeper, and a third of the weight of a ceramic sink of its size, according to This Moving House.


Tim Hall PhotographyThe kitchen was designed around the custom sink, according to This Moving House.


Tim Hall Photography“Sourcing the sinks was really tough but we've had a few made up for our future projects and it's good to have something to consistently design the kitchen around,” This Moving House’s Jack Richens said in an email.


Tim Hall PhotographyThe kitchen also includes a two-burner gas stove and a 65-liter, about 17-gallon, refrigerator.


Tim Hall PhotographyThere's a pull-out spice rack and food storage unit, as well as a countertop extension for a larger workspace...


Tim Hall Photography...and a table that can be stowed away.


Tim Hall PhotographyThere’s an outdoor rear pull-out kitchen that includes a four-ring gas stove, gas cylinder, and more storage space.


Tim Hall PhotographyThe rear door has storage units and a gallery-style shelf.


Tim Hall PhotographyThere is also ample storage throughout the Culinatour.


Tim Hall PhotographyIt can sleep four people and is best for two adults and two children.


Tim Hall PhotographyThe fixed bed is 140 by 200 centimeters — about 55 by 79 inches.


Tim Hall Photography...and the bunk beds are 70 by 190 centimeters (about 28 by 75 inches) and 70 by 165 centimeters (about 28 by 65 inches).


Tim Hall PhotographyThere's a combination boiler, which provides space and water heating in one unit, according to This Moving House.


Tim Hall PhotographyThis also supplies the sink and outdoor shower.


Tim Hall PhotographyThere's also a portable toilet to compensate for the lack of an interior bathroom.


Tim Hall PhotographyThe boiler can be powered by a diesel tank, a 12-volt battery, 240-volts of power when connected to an outlet, or a combination of them all.


Tim Hall PhotographyThere's also a 200-watt solar energy system and 240-volts of battery power via two batteries.


Tim Hall PhotographyThe van conversion project took six months to complete.


Tim Hall PhotographyThe interior has a standing clearance of 2.1 meters, almost nine feet.


Tim Hall PhotographyIt's current sellers claim there is no other motorhome like the Culinatour that exists in Germany, where it is currently based.


Tim Hall Photography

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