Meridian’s Classic To-Go Package Is the Perfect Men’s Grooming Kit for the Summer

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Scouted/The Daily Beast/Meridian Grooming
Scouted/The Daily Beast/Meridian Grooming

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It may be a touchy subject, but men need to up their grooming game. This crosses all spectrums, but when it comes to body hair and hygiene, we need to start making changes now. For trimming body hair, getting a pair of trimmers actually designed for the job can make a major difference. This is especially the case if you have sensitive skin and get nicked and cut fairly easily. Furthermore, as summer continues to heat up, keeping it fresh downstairs should be a top priority. There is truly no worse feeling than being in the sun all day and knowing that the sweat has your entire body feel like a half-melted popsicle stick.

The Meridian Classic To-Go Package is the most important product you might buy all year. This grooming kit is built specifically to keep your undercarriage fresh, clean and well-kept. The To-Go Package comes with The Trimmer, The Spray, The To-Go Bag, Meridian Boxer Briefs and two replacement blades. In addition to this, the package also includes two adjustable guide combs and a cleaning brush for The Trimmer.

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Obviously, the crown jewel of the Meridian Classic To-Go Package is The Trimmer. The Trimmer is tailored to contour the shape of your body seamlessly while still effectively trimming body hair. Probably the most impressive part about the actual trimming is how clean it is. As I was using it, I was able to pretty easily trim my body hair with simply one pass over the skin. Usually, I have to pass over any hair I want trimmed at least two or three times just to make sure I got everything. Furthermore, despite my fairly reactive skin, The Trimmer didn’t cause any cuts or nicks even against the most sensitive areas.

Another major upside for The Trimmer is that it is completely waterproof. This comes particularly in handy for those that like to trim and shave in the shower. The Trimmer has a 90-minute battery life and the two guide combs along with the replacement blades mean you can expect to hold on to this trimmer for many years to come.

While not quite the flagship product of the package, The Spray might be the perfect secret weapon. The Spray is designed to be spritzed on your undercarriage after you step out of the shower. The spray is built specifically to add a clean freshness downstairs while also providing soothing oils that reduce skin irritation and reduce potential inflammation. The mix of seed, nut and leaf extracts along with Witch Hazel keep your skin healthy, however, the remarkable point for me is how fresh I felt after even a full day outdoors. I can assure you that this is a wickedly impressive feat.

The Meridian Grooming Classic To-Go Package is perfect for any time of year, but as summer finally arrives, I cannot stress to you how important having a grooming kit like this can be the difference between the hot guy summer you have been dreaming for and basically living in a swamp bog for three months.

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