The messy business of Palestinian bachelor parties

STORY: This is what bachelor parties in the occupied West Bank look like

Grooms have eggs, oil, ketchup and flour thrown at them by friends and family

before getting cleaned up and having a shave

(Jameel Nazal, Friend of the groom)

"Today, we are throwing our groom and friend Hamam al-Sharqawi a bachelor party as per the custom and traditions from the times of our grandparents. When I was a groom myself a while ago, Hamam beat me up, so I have been waiting for his wedding, not to beat him, but as you can see, we have eggs, flour, ketchup, and all these things that do not hurt. It will be a light prank from the guys, that's it. I wish him all the best, and hopefully one day my son will do the same to his son."

What started generations ago as just a bathing and shaving celebration

followed by dancing and singing

now involves a messy mix of extra ingredients

to give the groom a fun lasting memory from his bachelor party