Messy storm lasts into most of Sunday on the East Coast

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Messy storm lasts into most of Sunday on the East Coast
Messy storm lasts into most of Sunday on the East Coast

A potent storm that brought 20-30 cm to parts of Quebec and eastern Ontario Saturday moved into the Atlantic region Saturday night, though its more wintry impacts will be more limited there. Northern and central New Brunswick are where the really heavy snowfall totals will be through Sunday, and the heaviest rains will be in Nova Scotia, though gradually ending west to east through the day. People in the region should prepare for powerful winds, particularly on Cape Breton Island and the Wreckhouse region of Newfoundland -- with gusts of 100-140+ km/h possible. For a closer look, see below.


  • Heaviest snows will be winding down in northern New Brunswick, ending late Sunday

  • After overnight peak, rains gradually end west to east across the region, though lasting into Monday morning for Newfoundland

  • Cooldown for mid next week


Though the storm's snow, heaviest in New Brunswick, is expected to be the most intense overnight, there will be plenty yet to fall through the day Sunday.

Northern parts of that province may pick up more than 40 cm from this system, though amounts drop off sharply the further south one goes. Light snow will continue for much of Sunday, ending by the evening.

ATL snow
ATL snow

Beyond northern and central New Brunswick, this will be largely an all-rain event across the Atlantic provinces. The heaviest rains, 30-40 mm, will be found in Nova Scotia, though from an overnight peak they will gradually be coming to an end in western parts of the province by morning, ending across the Maritimes by the evening.

Newfoundland sees the rain move in early Sunday, spreading to cover the province through the day before exiting in the evening. Totals there will amount to little more than showers.

ATL rain
ATL rain

In addition to the wintry mix, strong winds will be an issue, as well, particularly for the west coast of Cape Breton Island, where gusts of 100 km/h are expected in the overnight period, increasing to near 180 km/h Sunday morning.

In Newfoundland, winds will intensify again, with southeasterly gusts of 100 km/h developing in the overnight hours and even hitting 140 km/h Sunday. Les Suêtes and Wreckhouse wind warnings are in effect.


For the week beyond, we're watching what could be a significant storm around Tuesday. While its current track looks to stay south of the region, it may clip the Avalon Peninsula with another shot of heavy snow and strong winds.

"However, if the storm track shifts just slightly further out to sea, then we will see the heavy snow through the St. John’s area," Weather Network meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham says.

Much colder weather will spread across the region during the middle of next week, especially for New Brunswick.

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