Metal 'Monolith' Vanishes From Romanian Hillside Days After Discovery

A mysterious metal structure found on a Romanian hillside has vanished just days after its discovery, local media reported on November 30. The so-called ‘monolith’ had prompted comparisons to a similar structure found in Utah on November 18.

The ‘monolith’ was discovered on Friday, November 27, on a hill close to Piatra Neamț, and near the archaeological site of an old fortress overlooking the Bâtca Doamnei lake. Local media said it was between three and four meters tall and appeared empty inside.

Local media in Piatra Neamț reported on Monday that the structure had been removed overnight, and cited local residents as saying they had seen lights in the area.

This footage, taken on Tuesday by local news website Ziar Piatra Neamț, shows a hole in the ground where the structure had stood.

The appearance of the ‘monolith’ in Romania came a week after a similar structure was found in a remote desert in Utah by pilots with the state’s Department of Public Safety. That structure was reported to have disappeared from the location on November 27 – the same day the new structure was found in Romania. Utah police said they would not investigate its disappearance, KUTV reported. Credit: Ziar Piatra Neamț via Storyful