Meteorologist Chelsea Ingram Has Your Saturday Evening Weather

Meteorologist Chelsea Ingram Has Your Saturday Evening Weather

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- All right, we got a little taste of summer today, with temperatures in the 90s. Guy's working on his swing. Lots of people enjoying their Saturday outside of Druid Hill Park, a perfect day for a little tennis or a bike ride. If you're a fan, good news, the hot weather is sticking around for a little while longer. Meteorologist Chelsea Ingram, she's sticking around for at least the next 2 and 1/2 minutes.

CHELSEA INGRAM: But a reminder, we got to drink a lot of water, right? Those tennis players out there, if you do that tomorrow, man, it's going to be another hot one that's heading our way. And not only that, we do have an air quality alert in place, code orange for air quality. So if you belong to one of those more sensitive groups, if you have asthma, as I was mentioning earlier in the show or if you have heart conditions, you just want to limit your time outdoors because the ozone air quality just isn't as great tomorrow.

93 degrees, that was our official high temperature. My goodness, that is well above-average for this time of year. And we are still checking in in the 90s. It is feeling like summertime. 92 degrees currently at BWI Thurgood Marshall airport. We've got other folks that are checking in with temperatures better in the 80s. It's 87 degrees right now in Bel Air, 87 in Westminster, 89 in DC. We've got 70s out in Western Maryland, very pleasant there. Then down the ocean, right around 83 degrees.

Man, what a great beach weekend. Too bad we didn't have this weather during Memorial Day weekend at the beach. I mean, really, even here as well.

We are much warmer compared to this time yesterday, anywhere from 1 to 15 degrees warmer. All just depends on where you live. Now, tonight's going to be a mild one with mainly clear skies. It'll be quiet, light and variable winds.

We'll look for low temperatures very close to 70 degrees. Some spots in areas farther north and west will be a little bit cooler. So Hagerstown in the mid-60s. We're looking at 64 in Cumberland. But everybody else very close to that 70 degree benchmark.

High pressure in control. It's providing us with beautiful weather, lots of sunshine, stormy weather well down to the south. We stay fairly quiet, even heading into part two of the weekend. But the heat is due to this area of high pressure located out over Bermuda. We call it a Bermuda high because of its location.

And it is going to bring us repeat heat, not just for tomorrow but also as we head into the start of next week. We'll have more sunshine, a little more humid as we head into Sunday. And then summer-like storm chances are going to return as we head into, really, Monday, then Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Great day for the pool tomorrow. Man, you're going to need it to cool off. You can look for a high temperature right around 94 degrees. Just grab the SPF because that sun is going to be strong.

Here's a look at your seven-day forecast. 92 as we head into Monday. So yes, we are forecasting a heat wave. A break from the heat, perhaps, kind of, not really. 89 on Tuesday, late-day shower or thunderstorm. Hot and humid Wednesday. The real break from the heat's going to come at the end of the workweek. 82 Friday. Then very pleasant, in the 70s, on Saturday. Max?