Meteorologist Chelsea Ingram Has Your Saturday Evening Forecast

The latest weather forecast for Baltimore, Maryland.

Video Transcript

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- You also have to be like, smart. Legit. I'll put it on layaway. That'll be your Christmas present.

CHELSEA INGRAM: Oh, my gosh. That would be amazing, wouldn't it? But you know what? It was amazing down here on Earth today, that's for sure! Really appreciating the season of spring. 68 degrees-- that was our official high temperature for the day today, just two degrees below average for this time of year. 65 in Bel Air, 65 in Westminster. Temperatures in 50s and 60s on the Eastern shore. We're also in the 50s out in the higher elevations there in Western Maryland. Looking at our wind direction, it's coming in out of the west, but we will see a big shift tomorrow out of the south and west. You know what? That's where all the warmth is. That's where the heat is. So we had a summer preview this past week. We're going to have another one as we head into tomorrow, so we'll have a lot of warm air pushing into the mid-Atlantic.

Check it out. It's still 81 in Memphis, 78 in Atlanta, right around 76 in Louisville. We're going to see our numbers climbing significantly by part two of the weekend. You can look for a high right around 85 degrees. So it is going to be a very warm summer-like Sunday. 79 on Monday, 87 Tuesday. It will get a little bit cooler by the end of the workweek, and especially next weekend. We'll talk about it.

We do have the risk for spotty showers tonight, otherwise patchy clouds around. Look for an overnight low temperature, right around 52 degrees. A very comfortable night. And by tomorrow, the temperatures just soar up to 85 degrees. Much warmer. And then some late day clouds will arrive as we're tracking a lot of moisture that's located down to our south and west. Some moisture up to our north and west. All of that set to impact us as we head into the next couple of days. So a warm front edges very close to the region tonight. That's why I'm holding in for a spot shower around the region. Otherwise tomorrow is going to be a beautiful day with plenty of sunshine. The late clouds move in.

And then Monday is a totally different story. We'll have the risk for some showers, and even some thunderstorms around, especially during the afternoon and evening. So a little bit unsettled as we start out the work week. And then we cool down by the week's end and the weekend.

Here's a look at your seven-day forecast, what it looks like right now. Chances for showers and storms through Wednesday, finally sunny and dry on Thursday with a high of 71. Much cooler Friday and Saturday, but still very pleasant. We're going to have some rain chances returning to the forecast. Once again, though, a high of 66 Friday and 68 on Saturday.