Meteorologist Matt Peterson Prepares To Ride Six Flags Great Adventure's New Rollercoaster

CBS3's Matt Peterson is at the amusement park in Jackson Township, New Jersey.

Video Transcript

JIM DONOVAN: --all morning long.

JANELLE BURRELL: I'm so excited. After hours of anticipation, Matt Peterson finally ready to take that ride. Matt, how are you feeling? You look calm.

MATT PETERSON: Well, you know, it's all a state of mind, you know. You have to put yourself in a calm frame of mind, and then you'll be fine when you go on the ride. So I've been doing some breathing exercises, you know, a little whoosah, trying to make myself just mentally nice and quiet. So when we go on this ride, which is going to be here-- we're actually pretty much right now, we're getting ready to move. I got to give you the mic. I'm going to give it to--

JIM DONOVAN: Wow. OK. The guy behind him's looking like "shut up, buddy, and let's get this thing going."

JANELLE BURRELL: All right, Matt, here we go.

JIM DONOVAN: Janelle, all right, so-- hey, this is like sending your 15-year-old boy. Let's be honest, Peterson looks like a 15-year-old.

TOMMY G: That's what I was saying. This is Tommy G, our photographer speaking right now. I was wondering if Matt met the height requirement there.

JIM DONOVAN: Well, it was close. They brought out the little thing to touch his head, and it worked.

JANELLE BURRELL: Just made it in, right?

TOMMY G: All right, well, I gave him a big hug to send him off on his way, to make sure that he would make it safe.

JIM DONOVAN: Kind of like waiting for a launch at NASA.

TOMMY G: Hope we don't have any issues.

JANELLE BURRELL: And so Matt, is he in the first seat of the roller coaster, Tommy?

TOMMY G: He's in the second seat.


TOMMY G: They're working on sending one of these out here. Yeah, he's in the second seat. Sometimes second is better than first.

JANELLE BURRELL: Yeah, I'd prefer to--

JIM DONOVAN: Things don't hit you as hard.

TOMMY G: Matt says sometimes the back seat is better as well.

JIM DONOVAN: He's got his hand up. That means-- is that good or bad?

TOMMY G: Jim, I don't know. But you know, it looks like they're trying to send one of them out of the station here. And then--


TOMMY G: We'll send Matt's off momentarily. I mean, the sun's up, you know, things are looking good out here. And we got a whole bunch of people.

JANELLE BURRELL: All this waiting, though, I'm getting nervous.

JIM DONOVAN: I'm stressed. I'm starting to sweat right now.

JANELLE BURRELL: And Matt looks a little nervous, too.

TOMMY G: You know what, I'm starting to get pains in my stomach.

JIM DONOVAN: Oh, oh, there's a horn!

JANELLE BURRELL: This means we're getting into business, right? Here it comes.

TOMMY G: You know what, guys? Right now, I'm really not sure. And when he just zips off and he's gone, it's going to feel great.

JIM DONOVAN: Tommy, did they tell you how long the full ride is?

TOMMY G: So yeah, the ride from start to finish is anywhere between a minute and a half to two minutes. So we're making great TV right now, guys.

JIM DONOVAN: Yeah, this is really, this is just-- we're all, we're just standing by.

JANELLE BURRELL: The anticipation is starting to kill me.

TOMMY G: All right, here's what we're going to do. I'm gonna jump in here, I'm going to interview Matt.

JIM DONOVAN: Oh, no, he's got his hand up behind you. They'll drag him along with him.

TOMMY G: Matt, did you have stomach pains before you--

MATT PETERSON: I didn't until you said, did you have stomach pains? And then I started to be like, well, you know what? Now I feel a little bit nervous!

JANELLE BURRELL: I know, everybody's watching.

MATT PETERSON: It's all Tommy's fault. You know, when in doubt, blame the photographer. Just blame--

TOMMY G: That's what I hear a lot. I always get blamed for things.

JIM DONOVAN: This is only a two and 1/2 hour newscast. I mean, we don't have much more show left.

TOMMY G: So Jim, Jim and Janelle, will you do us a favor, Matt? They're going to have to send another chair out. So right now it's not going to happen. Can we stand by and maybe come back in a minute or two?

JANELLE BURRELL: Yeah, let's try that. Because I am just really looking forward to this. Control room, can we do that?

JIM DONOVAN: This is live television, folks.

JANELLE BURRELL: This is what happens.

JIM DONOVAN: We're putting this in for an Emmy Award! All right, we'll be right back.

TOMMY G: I'll take that Emmy, Jim. I'll take it.

JANELLE BURRELL: We'll see you on the other side.