Meteorologist Meg McNamara Has Your Saturday Morning Forecast

Meteorologist Meg McNamara Has Your Saturday Morning Forecast

Video Transcript

MEG MCNAMARA: We want to talk about what you can expect for the weekend. So a lot of sunshine. You'll need the sunglasses. Sean, even though you've got your base tan, I still recommend some sunscreen--

- Sunscreen, definitely.

MEG MCNAMARA: --there, yeah. But you also may need a jacket because it is significantly cooler than what we had over the workweek. So we're waking up to 45 degrees at BWI, 39 in Frederick, upper 30s there in Westminster and Hagerstown.

As you can see, a cold front, it did indeed move through. And it was very efficient here at cooling us down. So it is 15 degrees cooler right there at BWI. 22 Westminster, Frederick. 24 in Hagerstown. 9 for Annapolis. 11 for DC. We have these north-northwest winds, and they are ushering in that cooler and drier air.

The satellite radar-- so we have this heavy cloud cover over the area. With that front now well to the south and to the east, the clouds have moved right along with it. And really for the most part today, we're going to see sunshine, not solid sunshine, but mostly sunny skies.

Monday night, things start to kind of deteriorate here. So we stay dry during the day on Monday, but at night we do have some moisture moving on in here from the southwest. Expecting rain and snow showers to develop overnight. Could get a little period of that lovely wintry mix before it transitions to just rain as the day goes on on Tuesday and temperatures obviously warm up.

Here we are today. We're going to top out in the mid 50s and then tonight down in the mid 30s. Our seven-day forecast, tomorrow we're making some progress. Low 60s, a couple of clouds. Monday and Tuesday, though, significantly cooler, highs only in the mid to upper 40s, and then a little bit of progress just in time for St. Patrick's Day. And don't forget to spring forward.

- And don't forget, tonight.