Meterologists Meg McNamara and Chelsea Ingram Have The Latest Weather Forecast

Meterologists Meg McNamara and Chelsea Ingram Have The Latest Weather Forecast

Video Transcript

MEG MCNAMARA: Hi, there. I'm meteorologist Meg McNamara. We are live with the WJZ Mobile Weather Lab. We are here at Lake Montebello. It is warm, it is also breezy. Lots of people out here enjoying just this gorgeous day. So grateful that for now we are quiet as well. We are dry. Unfortunately, that is likely not going to be the case for long. So we'll talk about what we can expect later tonight, and of course for the rest of the workweek. I'll send things over to meteorologist Chelsea Ingram with the full forecast. Hi, Chelsea.

CHELSEA INGRAM: Meg, thanks so much. It is absolutely lovely outside there at Lake Montebello. Let's show you where things stand right now. It's very warm. We're checking in with temperatures that are in the 80s, significantly above average for this time of year. Right now, it's 88 degrees at BWI Marshall. So the record to beat for the day today is 90 set back in 1957. And you know what? We're really, really close. And not just that, it is feeling like a July day, a typical July day that consists of overnight lows in the 60s, high temperatures in the upper 80s.

And that is what we're going to be dealing with tonight. An overnight low right around 66 degrees, very warm. An isolated thunderstorm can't be ruled out. So not only is today feeling like a typical July day, tonight will be feeling like a typical July night. And it's a little bit more humid outside compared to what we've dealt with in the past. So we are making that transition as we head toward summer. Winds are coming in out of the South and West. So we're pulling in that warmth and that heat.

But we're going to see a pretty big wind shift as we make our way toward the weekend. And look what's going to happen as a result. Temperatures will be dropping into the 60s. We'll be cooling off by Friday and by Saturday. But you know what? That's actually a lot more seasonable for this time of year. And that's where we should be. If you're really loving this warmth, though, not to worry. We're going to warm right back up as we head into next week.

We're monitoring a system out to our West. And this is going to be the culprit that brings the cool down our way, and the risk for a couple of showers and a thunderstorm. We can't rule out a very isolated thunderstorm tonight, this evening. And then tomorrow, some showers and thunderstorms will be possible throughout the day. They're going to be generally scattered in nature. But after about 5:00 PM is when we have the risk for some of the stronger storms where we could get some damaging winds working their way into the picture.

So still warm tomorrow, a couple of thunderstorms. You can look for a high temperature of 83 degrees. Here's a look at your seven day forecast. So by the weekend, it does turn cooler and a lot quieter. Tons of sunshine on Saturday. It's really going to be a beautiful start to the weekend. A little bit warmer by Sunday with a high of 79 degrees. And then pretty consistent temperatures all the way through the middle of next week with the risk for a spotty shower or thunderstorm on Wednesday. We'll have more coming up in just a few minutes. For now, I'll send things back to you guys on TV Hill.