Methuen Cancels Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Clinic For 600 People

Mayor Neil Perry is concerned about how the pause will impact the vaccination process in the city. WBZ-TV's Mike LaCrosse reports.

Video Transcript

- People who were scheduled to get the Johnson & Johnson vaccine today were surprised to learn that their appointment had suddenly been canceled. WBZ's Mike LaCrosse is live in Methuen tonight where Mike, vaccinations have screeched to a halt.

MIKE LACROSSE: David, yeah, a lot of people did not realize the Fed's pause is taking place right away, so it's creating a lot of confusion. People are showing up to this site here, walking right up to that door, and finding out they no longer have appointments.

- Today's vaccination is canceled.

- A Johnson & Johnson vaccine site in Methuen was busy today even though it was canceled.

- Well I was surprised.

- People were showing up at the site all day, not realizing the federal government's pause on the J&J vaccine was immediate.

- You can't be giving out a vaccine that isn't safe.

NEIL PERRY: I don't want to, you know, put anybody at risk here.

- Methuen mayor Neil Perry says the city is working with Holy Family Hospital to help get the 600 people who had appointments today different vaccines at a later date. He's now worried about the long term effects on the vaccination process.

NEIL PERRY: While the facts are being assessed here on the Johnson & Johnson, if there's no increase in the Moderna vaccines that I get in the city, it's going to have an impact.

- The Fed's pause is preventing J&J clinics all over the state, like one the lower Merrimack Valley regional collaborative had set for Thursday. Instead, appointments are now being offered for Pfizer shots this weekend.

KEN BERKENBUSH: One of the advantages of having a local clinic is we have the ability to reach out to our local folks and offer them the ability to [? pivot ?] up to get something different, if that's what they so choose.

MOLLY SCANNELL: Just to put my mind at ease, I emailed my cardiologist--

- Molly Scannell already received the Johnson & Johnson shot, she's now concerned after hearing today's announcement.

MOLLY SCANNELL: It was alarming to me. I have a clotting history, so it definitely gave me some moments of terror.

MIKE LACROSSE: The mayor tells me, everyone who had appointments here today will eventually be getting an email with information on what to do next. Reporting live in Methuen tonight, I'm Mike LaCrosse, WBZ news.