New Metrics Take Wilmington Out Of High-Risk Category

Christopher Huffaker
·1 min read

WILMINGTON, MA — Wilmington was designated a moderate-risk community by the state Friday, a week after being labeled high-risk.

The town's case count and positive rate both rose, but the state used new metrics for designating risk levels in the latest town-by-town release. Over 100 cities and towns fell out of the high-risk zone due to the change.

With two many consecutive weeks in the high-risk category, towns have to roll back reopening measures.

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Wilmington reported 44 cases over the last two weeks, up from 30 last week, and a positive test rate of 2.55 percent, up from 1.95. Since March, the town has had 453 confirmed cases.

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This article originally appeared on the Wilmington Patch