Mets Fans Happy To Be Back For Home Opener

Fans are back in the stands for the Mets home opener against the Miami Marlins. CBS2's Steve Overmyer reports from Citi Field.

Video Transcript

- Happening today in just about an hour, the Mets home opener against the Miami Marlins will get underway. And fans are back in the stands. CBS News Steve Overmyer joins us live from Citi Field. Steve?

STEVE OVERMYER: Yeah, Mary. Citi Field welcomes back fans for the first time since 2019. Now, capacity today will be capped at 20%. But we expect a lively crowd for the Mets home opener. It was about an hour ago when gates opened for the fans to come through. With the capacity capped at just about 9,000 people, this is a sold out game. They have plenty of protocols here. All fans must display proof of a vaccination or a negative test within the past three days. The Mets also offer immediate testing for $30 if needed.

Everyone over the age of two will be required to wear a mask at all times unless they're eating as well. So they're doing everything possible to keep it safe so fans can rejoice in the return of baseball in Queens.

- Good, like it's good. It's time. I didn't realize how much I missed it until it wasn't there. You don't realize how ingrained they are in my DNA until you're not at the ballpark. Like, it was weird last year. Just I was like, well, next week we're going. No, we're not. Next week-- No-- we missed so many, it was just weird.

- Can't see, but I'm smiling from ear to ear.

STEVE OVERMYER: Is that right?

- Yeah.

- And I'll tell you, when I picked her up today, she had tears in her eyes. It's just nice to be back. It's like coming home.

PETE ALONSO: I know this place to me is extremely special, and I love playing in front of Mets fans. And, I mean, we have such an incredible fan base. And I know they're gonna make a lot of noise today.

STEVE OVERMYER: The Mets also add that players will be vaccinated after the game, so they expect to be at that 85% threshold, which means they'll have relaxed COVID protocols for the rest of the year. Well, it's a beautiful day for baseball. And the first pitch is in about one hour. We can't wait. Mary, back to you.

- Sure is nice to see you at the stadium, Steve. And that sun shining down, even better.