Mets' J.D. Davis reflects on Tuesday's errors: 'It's not my first error... it's probably not gonna be my last'

Ryan Morik
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J.D. Davis throwing from third base on road in 2019 close shot
J.D. Davis throwing from third base on road in 2019 close shot

J.D. Davis' defense has long been an issue, and it's been noted. The Mets were in discussions with plenty of teams about their third basemen over the offseason, as a guy like Kris Bryant would have been a defensive upgrade.

On Tuesday night, he made two errors - one a throwing error that directly allowed a run to score in the third inning, and another with a double clutch that went high in the fifth (the wrong call was made, but since the Mets had no challenges left, the error will stand.

While Davis accepted accountability, the mid-30 degree weather didn't help Davis much, either.

"First one, kinda played back, I wanted to one hop it, but I ended up short-hopping Pete. Didn’t really have a good grip on it, pretty cold out there," Davis said. “And the second one, backhand, I just took my time, made sure I had the laces, because again, it’s cold."

Taijuan Walker walked six batters in 3.2 innings of work, as well, so the chilly temperature played a factor throughout the game.

But yet another double-clutch, while Davis has said he's feeling more comfortable in the position, was concerning.

"In the past, I’ve slowly gotten rid of it. But just today, just being cold, and making sure that I got the laces, and throwing it over there, making sure that I threw a strike, and made sure Pete [Alonso] can handle it over there," Davis said. "...I could’ve made better throws. I’m not one to say I don’t take accountability. I’m my biggest critic. It’s one of those things, not really used to coming from Florida, we’ve played in a little bit of these, but it is what it is. Just make better throws.”

But despite that, Luis Rojas gave credit to Davis for following with a home run - the only offense the Mets had on Tuesday.

“I didn’t break it down with him. We just wanna keep him locked in the game in these at bats. I’m glad he brushed it off and next at-bat, he hit a homer," Rojas said.

Rojas added that they'll continue to work with Davis defensively.

"We’re gonna get out there on the field tomorrow, I think that’s something that we plan on doing, regardless what weather we have cold-wise, and work on our defense," said Rojas. "We know how innings can really build up at the big league level when you give extra outs. I think that’s one of the things that happened when J.D. made that first error. It led to a run. When you make an error, that just happens to us.”

But Davis isn't worried.

“Just turn the page. It’s not my first error I’ve ever made at third, and it’s probably not gonna be the last one. We’re all human," Davis said. "We’re all gonna make mistakes, that’s a part of learning the position over there and getting comfortable. Even Gold Glovers sometimes don’t go errorless throughout the season. It is what it is, learn from it, and that’s how you grow.”