Mets-Nationals Series Postponed Due To COVID

The latest report stated four Nationals players tested positive for the coronavirus and five more are in quarantine due to contact tracing. CBS2's Otis Livingston reports.

Video Transcript

KRISTINE JOHNSON: [INAUDIBLE] meantime, we'll have to wait until next week for the Mets and their fans.

DICK BRENNAN: After yesterday's game against the Nationals was postponed because of COVID issues, Major League Baseball announced today that the entire series has been postponed. CBS 2's, Otis Livingston, is in the newsroom with more. Otis.

OTIS LIVINGSTON: Yeah, Kristine and Dick, Nationals general manager, Mike Rizzo, said yesterday that he thought that they would not be playing this weekend and it comes out to be true. The Mets will now open the season Monday night in Philadelphia instead. The important thing to know is that the COVID problems are entirely on the Nationals side. No one on the Mets has tested positive. Now, the latest numbers are that four Washington players have positive test results, and five more are in quarantine protocol due to contact tracing.