Fans welcomed back for Mets home opener

Baseball is finally back in Queens, as the New York Mets welcome back fans to Citi Field for the Amazins' Home Opener Thursday.

Video Transcript

- To a rocky start to opening day, the Mets are looking for a few home runs when they face the Marlins for their home opener today in Queens. It is the first time Citi Field will have fans in the stands in more than a year! And with capacity restrictions in place, some 8,000 people will be in attendance. Eyewitness News reporter Derick Waller is live at Citi Field with the details for us this morning. Hi, Derek.

DERICK WALLER: Charlene, good morning. Fans are back in the stands this afternoon at 20% capacity. As you mentioned, that totals a little more than 8,000 people who will be in attendance when the Mets host the Miami Marlins this afternoon at 1:10 PM.

And now there's a push to get more players vaccinated after some publicly said they weren't sure they wanted to get the shot. Mets manager Luis Rojas responded by making players attend a 45 minute Zoom meeting with a doctor to build confidence. Also at play, the MLB allows teams who have 85% of the Tier One staff vaccinated to relax on the COVID rules. That means no masks in the dugout and no mandatory quarantines if a player comes in contact with someone else who tests positive.

- We want to educate everyone, you know. We know it's a voluntary decision. I know there's been some hesitation, and you know, and that's OK to have the hesitation, but to have the educational session and be more encouraged towards getting it, I think is one of the intentions we have behind the process.

DERICK WALLER: And so those vaccinations are set to be available to players after today's games and they won't have to go far. Behind me you can see that they have a vaccination site already set up for the general public on the ground floor at Citi Field.