Mets Welcome Fans Back To Citi Field

Fans filled Citi Field for the first time since Sept. 29, 2019 for the Mets 2021 home opener. CBS2's Steve Overmyer reports.

Video Transcript

STEVE OVERMYER: Yeah, Otis. I think the start of the season always brings with it some optimism. But this year, that added element of, I guess, more gratitude, if you will. It's not only the relief in what we've been through, but rejoicing in what's to come. From the field level all the way to the top of the ball park, fans of all ages were eager to celebrate.

BRANDON SEEMAN: It's definitely one of the most fun days I've ever had.



STEVE OVERMYER: And for what reason, because?

BRANDON SEEMAN: Just because I love watching the Mets, and I love folks in my family.

- Let's go Mets! Let's go Mets!

- That "let's go Mets" cheer, earlier, had me emotional, because it's been a year since we've been able to attend games and watch teams play. So yeah, it's definitely more special, makes you more grateful.

STEVE OVERMYER: A milestone game, not just because it's the home opener.

JOE PIP: I think it's the camaraderie, because we were talking about that earlier. It's like, yo, we got another day to do this. We haven't done this in so long. It's nice to get a day during the week, beautiful weather, and just enjoy a baseball game.

STEVE OVERMYER: Everyone was socially distanced and masked up. Even Mr. Met was embracing the protocols.

JONATHAN VASQUEZ: Even though it's a temporary inconvenience. But to be able to watch baseball again, I'd wear the mask for eight hours if I have to just to be able to sit here and watch a game again.

STEVE OVERMYER: What's been missing is, of course, baseball and beautiful weather. But mostly, the shared experience.

- Let's go Mets!

- We haven't been here in 557 days.

- There's so many people that we love that we haven't gotten to see in a year. So it's exciting just to be around everybody to be around the excitement and the energy again.

- And in this environment. Like, wait, are we actually here?

STEVE OVERMYER: Capacity may have been capped at 20%. But on this day, the excitement was at 100%. You guys think that you can be just as loud with 8,300 people as can with a full stadium?

JOE PIP: I know the three of us could be. We're Italian, so we're loud.

STEVE OVERMYER: And they were loud, especially at the end of this game. This first game of the home season, here, for the Mets wasn't just a home opener for these fans. For a lot of them, it was a family reunion. At Citi Field, Steve Overmeyer CBS2. Dick and Jessica?

- There's something so hopeful about seeing the families there, the kids there, the fans. It's just like returning to life as we once knew it, right?

- Hope springs eternal. And Joey Pip. We like Joe Pip.

- We love Joey Pip. Thanks, Steve.

- Thanks, Steve.