Mexican town turned to war zone fears new era of narco violence

Marcos Vizcarra, with Sofia Miselem in Mexico City
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    Follow the money and you will see who really runs Mexico !

    In new blow to Mexico's crime fight, judge frees suspected cartel members
    by Reuters
    Friday, 25 October 2019

    MEXICO CITY, Oct 25 (Reuters) - Twenty-seven of 31 suspected cartel members arrested this week in a Mexico City raid were freed by a judge, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said on Friday, marking his government's second high-profile failure to keep suspected criminals locked up in as many weeks.

    The suspects were nabbed by security forces in a central district of the capital on Tuesday after authorities seized two laboratories used to produce synthetic drugs, 50 kg (110 pounds) of chemical precursors, more than two tons of marijuana and 20 kg of cocaine, as well as an unspecified amount of money, rocket launchers and grenades.

    Lopez Obrador, speaking at his regular morning press conference, said the unexpected release of the criminal suspects would be investigated but cautioned against a rush to judgment.
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    1 tired citizen
    We can't wait for the next wave of cartel members to cross our border and claim asylum. Their lawyers will claim they are fleeing violence.

    Of course the fact that they themselves are committing the violence won't matter to their lawyers and the ACLU.
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    This is what happens when you go easy on Drug Smugglers and other criminals. They should have been surrounded, forced to surrender and summarily executed. This kind of severe penalties will insure it doesn't happen again. This go easy on the criminals and no death penalty simply doesn't work.
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    Molon Labe
    A rich and diverse culture that we are welcoming to our country. Thank the democrats.
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    Sounds like Chicago.
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    1 tired citizen
    The only difference between the daily violence in Mexico and the war in Syria is that nobody is being bombed in Mexico.

    But the people are just as dead. Why hasn't the UN addressed this even once?
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    THIS is what the hard left is ALLOWING to just walk into this country
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    Joe Mamma
    Its not going to get any better in the future
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    A city of 750000 are ruled by a cartel.
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    Bat meat Rangoon
    And reasonable people should have no fear of open borders right?