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Mexican TV star who once proposed to Tom Brady on the run after allegedly embezzling $146M

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A Mexican television host who once vied to marry Tampa Bay Buccaneers star Tom Brady is accused of financial embezzlement and on the run from authorities in her home country.

The Mexican attorney general reportedly asked Interpol to issue an international arrest warrant earlier this month against the host, Ines Gomez Mont, and her lawyer husband, Victor Manuel Alvarez Puga, both of whom are accused of embezzling nearly $146 million, or 3 billion pesos, from Mexico's Ministry of the Interior, according to Animal Politico. The couple have since evaded capture, the report added.

Mont was rejected by Brady when she was reporting on the 2008 Super Bowl. The television host approached the NFL quarterback during a densely packed press conference while wearing a wedding dress and was promptly denied by the football star.


Mont said in a social media post on Sept. 11 that she did not know about the arrest warrant ahead of its issuance, denying accusations of embezzlement against her and her husband.

The couple first faced allegations of financial fraud between 2016 and 2017 and were able to flee Mexico sometime before an arrest warrant was put out for the pair on Sept. 10, a former member of Mont's staff told TVNotas.

Mexican authorities consider the couple to be fugitives and suggest they have been out of Mexico for months. Unconfirmed reports have speculated the couple could be hiding in the United States, although their whereabouts remain unclear. Mexican news outlets have reported that the couple have family homes in the U.S.

Puga reportedly has connections with a number of small companies that support social causes such as fighting poverty and food scarcity in Mexico, according to Clase.


If Mont and Puga are convicted on charges of money laundering and operations with resources of illicit origin and embezzlement, they could face imprisonment of 20 to 60 years.

Brady's New England Patriots lost Super Bowl XLII to the New York Giants. The quarterback, who has since moved to Tampa Bay's team, led the Patriots to six Super Bowl championships and won his seventh with the Buccaneers in February.

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