New Mexico among states with cheapest average gas price

Feb. 12—New Mexico last week had the 12th-cheapest average gasoline prices at $2.83 for a gallon of regular unleaded fuel, the AAA New Mexico Weekend Gas Watch reported Thursday.

New Mexico typically finds itself in the middle third among states with its gas prices. Last week, though, New Mexico was solidly in line with Texas and the Midwest, which typically have the cheapest gasoline in the country. The string of states from Texas to North Dakota are all in the top 11 cheapest states, and Colorado has the third-cheapest gas at $2.73. The Santa Fe average last week was $2.75 per gallon — a 5-cent decrease from the prior week.

AAA spokesman Daniel Armbruster suggests Farmington's steep gas price drops since the end of December helped bring New Mexico averages in line with Texas, where the statewide average was only 1 cent lower than New Mexico last week.

"Farmington for quite a while was a lot higher than the rest of the state," Armbruster said in an interview. "It has really come down. That has brought down the statewide averages."

The Farmington average gas price on Dec. 14 was 92 cents higher than the next-highest New Mexico city. On Dec. 28, the Farmington price was 61 cents above the statewide average, but by Thursday it matched the statewide average, AAA statistics show.

Farmington's gas prices have dropped 16 weeks in a row since Oct. 26. For five straight weeks starting Dec. 28, prices dropped 10 or more cents each week, with a 25-cent slide the week of Jan. 25; Farmington ended January with cheaper gas prices than Las Cruces, where the average last week was $2.89 per gallon.

Albuquerque last week had an average gas price of $2.74 per gallon.

The 10 lowest average gas prices among states ranged from $2.67 per gallon to $2.82, with the cheapest in Oklahoma. The 10 states with the highest gas prices saw averages from $3.27 per gallon to $4.69, with Hawaii and California the two states above $4.