Mexico arrests suspect in 2010 migrant massacre

A Guatemalan relative of Gilmar Castillo Morales -- one of the 72 illegal migrants killed in the Mexican state of Tanaulipas -- sits beside his picture during a 2010 interview in Agua Caliente, on the outskirts of Guatemala City (AFP Photo/Johan Ordonez)

Mexico City (AFP) - Mexican police have arrested a man in connection with the 2010 massacre of 72 migrants, officials said Tuesday.

Jose Guadalupe Reyes Rivera was arrested Monday in a machine shop in Ciudad Victoria, capital of the northeastern state of Tamaulipas, the National Security Commission said.

Police had been offering the equivalent of 300,000 euros (323,000 dollars) for information leading to his capture.

Migrants from Central America and elsewhere trying to reach the United States by passing through Mexico are often robbed, kidnapped and held for ransom or killed by crime gangs.

In this case, the 72 migrants were from El Salvador, Honduras, Ecuador and Brazil. Their bodies were found, with signs of torture, at a remote ranch in San Fernando, 160 km (100 miles) south of the US border town of Brownsville, Texas.

The probe, based on accounts from survivors, concluded that the victims were kidnapped by a feared and particularly violent drug cartel called the Zetas.

It is thought they were killed because their relatives could not pay ransom money and the migrants refused to be recruited by the cartel.

Other suspects in the killing have already been arrested.

The massacre is one of the worst attributed to the Zetas, formed by ex military commandos.