Mexico celebrates 200 years of independence

Mexico's Defence Ministry staged a re-enactment at the Zocalo main square, with more than 1,400 soldiers using technology, animations and laser beams to recreate the triumphal entry of the Mexican Army to Mexico City back in 1821 after defeating the Spanish .

The event staged some of Mexico's historical passages that were key during its 11 years of struggle to achieve independence.

Troops from Mexico's army wore colonial garments and represented historical scenes.

Folkloric dancers livened up the event.The show included live music played by Mexico's National Symphony Orchestra, a choir and mariachi band from Mexico's Defence Ministry as well as a children's choir.

Before the show, diplomats from countries such as France, Russia, Serbia and India gave speeches congratulating Mexico. U.S. President Joe Biden sent a video message which was shown during the event.

Mexico's fight for independence began on September 16, 1810 and was achieved on Sept. 27 in 1821.

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