Mexico City celebrates indigenous culture with street fair

STORY: Dressed in traditional garments dancers performed traditional numbers from different parts of the country, including the calenda, a folkloric festival with large puppets from the region of Oaxaca.

Oaxacan Soledad Guzman told Reuters that taking part in the fair's calenda brought her pride, even if outsiders could not understand how much time, money and effort participants have to invest in the event.

Attendees were also delighted with the music of the Oaxacan Monumental Orchestra, which played classic Mexican songs such as 'La Llorona'.

Oscar Hernandez, a Mexican fairgoer, believed the event could help prevent indigenous customs and traditions from disappearing, adding that they were important to help "transcend us and allow us, from now on, to live together as the Mexican people.”

This is the city’s eight edition of the Indigenous Cultures and Neighbourhoods Fair. Through it, authorities hope to promote the country’s culture and cuisine and its medicinal, textile and artisanal richness.