Mexico families await news after TX truck disaster

STORY: Virgilia Lopez's son, Javier Flores is missing.

He and his cousin left their home in Mexico's southern Oaxaca state – in search of a better life.

Now Lopez is worried her son Javier could be among the dozens of migrants found dead in a sweltering tractor-trailer truck in Texas.

VIRGILIA LOPEZ: “We need help to find him. We are ready to hear any information, we need to get that information so we can see what to do.”

Flores last called his family 10 days ago. According to a relative, he said he had already crossed the U.S.-Mexico border and was hiding in a house in Texas

His cousin is Jose Luis Vasquez.

According to the Mexican government, Vasquez was in the trailer - and is now in a San Antonio hospital after becoming severely dehydrated. But the family is low on details.


“No, we do not know anything, just until now that my cousin arrived to tell us, because we do not know anything about Jose Luis, was he on that trailer?”

REPORTER ASKING: “How did you hear about the news?”

RODRIGUEZ SAYING: “We saw the news on the television.”

As families await news of their missing loved ones - others have already received grim confirmation.

Miguel Lara's two grandsons died in the suffocating heat of the trailer, in what has become the worst human smuggling incident in recent U.S. history.

According to U.S. and Mexican officials, the alleged driver of the truck carrying the migrants initially tried to pass himself off as a victim to escape authorities before he was arrested.

U.S. authorities detained two Mexican men in addition to the driver. On Wednesday, U.S. prosecutors were moving ahead with weapons charges against them.