Mexico metro overpass collapses, killing 15 and injuring dozens

A wave of anti-government protests across Colombia is met with heavy handed police tactics.

Video Transcript

- Now an elevated metro line has collapsed in Mexico's capital, sending a train crashing down onto the cars below. At least 20 people have been killed. Rescue crews have been pulling people from the wreckage of the carriages, which are hanging precariously over the roads.

Around 70 injured people have been taken to hospitals around the city. We can get more now from Manuel Rapalo, who is in Mexico City. Manuel, what happened?

MANUEL RAPALO: Hello. We're about as close as authorities are allowing us to get to the scene of the accident. It's just past 2:00 AM in Mexico City, in the southwestern part of town. Let me bring you in to what the scene actually looks like.

I'm going to give you more than just a sense. This is the actual scene that we're seeing here in Mexico City. These are two metro cars that have collapsed underneath this structure, that then collapsed on top of an overpass hitting at least one car underneath.

And what we know is what we've seen here at the scene of the accident, and what we've seen from that surveillance footage that captured the moment where that elevated metro rail line collapsed over those cars, sending a plume of dust and debris into the sky. Now at the moment, authorities have sort of sectioned this area off. They're not allowing anybody to come through that isn't a member of the Army National Guard or authorities or first responders.

And they've actually taken a pause from much of the rescue work and the emergency work, out of fears that there could be further structural damage that could be potential for another collapse. You can see the state of those two cars are just hanging very precariously over the freeway. The police and the authorities here have sectioned off an entire secure perimeter, not allowing any of the residents to come anywhere close to the scene, out of fear that there could be another collapse.

Now the mayor of Mexico City was here earlier. She confirmed that the death toll has now risen to 20 people, with dozens others injured. What's unclear is if everyone's been removed from these cars, if the authorities here and rescue workers have actually finished with the rescue operations.

But we are continuing to see more members of the National Guard continue to arrive. We're continuing to see more members of emergency services continue to arrive. And more than anything, more importantly than anything, keeping people away out of that fear, out of a potential second collapse.

- A very precarious situation there. Manuel Rapalo live from the scene in Mexico City. Thank you very much indeed, for bringing us the latest.