New Mexico school delivers school work by bus

A school district on an Indian reservation in New Mexico is using school buses to bring schoolwork, school supplies, even food and clothing to its students who cannot attend classes due to the pandemic. (Nov. 23)

Video Transcript

VERONICA MADRID: School supplies, school work, food, clothes. Anything that the school can provide for them, we send it on the bus.

CYLISS CASTILLO: So they gave me this. They downloaded the assignments onto the hard drive right here, and I can use this to plug into my computer. And I do those assignments, and I'm supposed to give this back to the bus driver.


AUTUMN WILSON: I did really good, but this year not so good because it's, like, really hard.

A year ago we lost our dad, and it was really hard for four of us. And we couldn't take the depression, but we still made it through because we still have our mom.



ANDERSON CASTILLO: When they're done with their work and stuff, if they want to go out and clear their heads, you know-- stay focused on work, they can go out and ride horses. And when they come back their mind's all cleared.

CYLISS CASTILLO: Hopefully-- hopefully, by next semester we'll be going back into school. I don't like online. I like to be in school learning.