• t
    that's fewer shootings then in Chicago last weekend. where is there travel advisory?
  • M
    if the United States is issuing Travel warnings they should issue one for Chicago
  • B
    Big Daddy Playa
    Still safer than Chicago
  • M
    But hey, let’s open those borders
  • J
    Steer clear of Chicago.
  • T
    The Man With No Name
    There should be a permanent travel warning on going to Mexico.
  • m
    buy a bottle of margaritas, lounge chair, umbrella and and live to do it again tomorrow
  • W
    travel deals to follow
  • G
    I’m not sure why people still travel there.
  • S
    What a shame because Cancun is such a beautiful place. The drug cartels are out of control and are most likely responsible for the killings. We should stop giving Mexico the $200 million annually to help them fight crime and instead send in our Special Forces to clean up the mess. Prayers for the families who lost their loved ones.