Mia Farrow under fire for tweeting work address of Cecil the lion's killer

Mia Farrow under fire for tweeting work address of Cecil the lion's killer

Actress Mia Farrow was heavily criticized Wednesday after tweeting the business address of the dentist who infamously killed Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe.

Some Twitter users thought she had tweeted out Walter James Palmer’s home address in Minnesota and called for the suspension of her verified Twitter account.

The address of Palmer’s River Bluff Dental in the city of Bloomington was already easily accessible on the web and considered public knowledge.

Nevertheless, Farrow has deleted the tweet from her official account, but not before inciting the wrath of critics who think the information could put the vilified dentist in harm’s way.

“How would you like it, @MiaFarrow, if someone gave out @RonanFarrow's address in hopes of causing him harm? Not cool, is it?” a North Carolina man said on Twitter.

Another Twitter user from Ottawa, Canada, wrote, “@MiaFarrow seriously? Are we hoping for this guy's death? Jail time yes but why are we sending a mob?”

Many others followed in the same vein.

Former “The Price Is Right” host and famous animal lover Bob Barker leapt to Farrow's defense, saying she did nothing wrong.

"Well if by publicizing his address they can make him miserable, I say publicize that address," Barker told Entertainment Tonight. "Because this man deserves to be made miserable for years to come."

Barker, 91, has long been an animal rights activist and famously ended each episode by saying, "Help control the pet population. Have your pets spayed or neutered.”

Barker hope's Cecil's death will draw attention to the level of suffering that is "going on in the animal world."

"I would love to see them extradite Dr. Walter Palmer [so he could] spend a little time in an African jail," he declared. "That would just be a thing of beauty and a joy forever."

Concerns for the dentist’s safety — regardless what one thinks of Cecil’s death — are not unwarranted. His business’ Yelp page has been inundated with angry messages and even threats of violence.

Protesters also gathered outside Palmer's office in suburban Minneapolis. They constructed a makeshift memorial for Cecil outside the office, complete with stuffed animals.

Bloomington Police have increased their presence around River Bluff Dental and are investigating at least one threat made over the phone.

Farrow, known lately for her commitment to humanitarian causes, has 655,000 followers on the social networking service.

The “Rosemary's Baby” star's since-deleted controversial tweet was not her only mention of Cecil the lion over the past few days.

Farrow also went after Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s sons for big-game hunting in Africa. Pictures of Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump beside the carcasses of exotic animals had resurfaced during the media firestorm.

According to Palmer, who killed the 13-year-old lion in early July, everything about the hunt was "legal and properly handled and conducted" to his knowledge. But it appears he and two Zimbabwean men lured the big cat off the protected grounds of Hwange National Park.

The Farrow incident is reminiscent of the time in 2012 that filmmaker Spike Lee retweeted a post featuring what was thought to be the home address of Trayvon Martin shooter George Zimmerman. The Florida address turned out to be an elderly couple's home.

Lee later wrote, “I Deeply Apologize To The McClain Family For Retweeting Their Address. It Was A Mistake. Please Leave The McClain's In Peace. Justice In Court.”