Miami Beach Dan Gelber Says Spring Breakers Causing A Scene Need To Leave

CBS4's Bobeth Yates reports on the wild weekend on South Beach.

Video Transcript

- We had a clear message. And the clear message continues. It's, be responsible, or you will be-- you will be arrested.

KEITH JONES: Well, they aren't messing around. More than 100 arrests in Miami Beach this week, as spring break in South Florida brings large crowds and a big police presence. And those crowds were out again last night enjoying the weather and the relaxed coronavirus restrictions. A lot of them seen with no masks, no social distancing. "CBS 4's" Bobeth Yates is in Miami Beach with how police handled that crowd control.

DAN GELBER: We've got too many people coming. We've got too many people coming who are just acting out, and we have COVID at the same time. So it's almost a triple threat.

BOBETH YATES: Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber says, as thousands flocked to the beach, he has a clear message for those wanting to cause problems.

DAN GELBER: If you're coming here to disrupt, then it's not worth the money to us. It's not worth the revenue. It's not worth anything. You cannot pay our community to endure the kind of inappropriate and improper conduct that we've been seeing.

BOBETH YATES: This is video of one of those incidents that took place Friday night. You can see officers body slamming a suspect as they took him into custody.

RICK CLEMENTS: What happened was a large crowd gathered at a street in Ocean Drive. At some point in time, there were people that went ahead and walked into the crowd, started throwing up money into the air, causing a larger crowd to gather and people to obviously struggle to be able to get what they believe was real money.

BOBETH YATES: Miami Beach Police Chief Rick Clements says as people attempted to pick up that money, things started to get out of hand. That's when officers went into the crowd, placing that person throwing money under arrest. During that process, two officers received minor injuries as the crowd began throwing objects at them. Both are now OK. Despite that incident, Clements says, overall, the crowd is behaving, sentiments echoed by beach goers.

- I think the police presence is right about right.

KEIARA KING: The crowd is big, but, you know, we just making sure that we wear our face masks.

ZAKEE BASHIR: We came down here from the Midwest to enjoy some sun and meet some nice friends.

BOBETH YATES: But as the crowds tend to enjoy their spring break, law enforcement is staying vigilant. And Mayor Gelber says they have a no tolerance policy.

DAN GELBER: If you're coming here because you think anything goes, you're going to have a terrible time. We're going to arrest you. We've made hundreds and hundreds of arrests every few days.

BOBETH YATES: We should also mention that officials say they've made more than 100 arrests, seized 13 guns, and made over 900 citations. In South Beach, Bobeth Yates, "CBS 4" News, this morning.